Parents As Career Transition Support


The PACTS Program has been specifically designed to help provide parents, guardians, grandparents and carers with up-to-date information about educational pathways that enables them to support their children effectively when they're making career transition decisions within the secondary school system and beyond.

Key Features

  • Interactive facilitated workshops focusing on discussion and participation
  • Workshops are limited to two hours duration
  • Maximum of 20 parents per group
  • Simple, easy to understand workshop handbook which all attendees receive
  • Optional Information Sessions prior to the workshops that explain the program
  • Workshops can be held at school, community or workplace environment
  • Increased understanding about the school, it’s people and services
  • Networking and forming relationships with other parents

Workshop One - Beginning to Explore

  • Finding a place to start
  • Communicating with young people about careers
  • Occupational categories
  • Careers/vocational instruments
  • Learning to use the Job Guide
  • Skills connection

Workshop Two - Career and Transition Services

  • Career services and resources
  • Training and further education options: High School Certificates, VET in Schools, SBATs, TAFE and University
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • What is Group Training?

Workshop Three - Jobs (Optional)

  • Tackling the employment market
  • Telephone skills for job seeking
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Job Services Australia

This has really made me rethink the value of Year 12 for my son - it's not like it used to be for me and I can see I am going to be more open to what might be better for him.


It was good in that it challenged me to think more about what my child wants and not to worry too much about my fears.


I feel way more relaxed about my child's future/decisions in education. We needn't worry; she should continue in studies and mature and learn who she is along the way.


Has broadened thoughts of further education and given tools to explore options. Personally I found this course very beneficial.


Most beneficial talking with others about their experience with their children's concerns about school choices for work.


The take home resources to discuss with children and the list of websites were most helpful.


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